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About Zealofy

Zealofy, was founded on September 26, 2017, with 2 goals, first to break the monotony of the corporate culture and secondly to provide a platform to the hidden and abandoned talent in the small towns and remote villages of India.  the monotonous lifestyle existing in the corporate culture.


'Live Every Moment' the tagline of Zealofy is the lifestyle statement we want to bring in the urban lives by 2025. A 2011 study found that sports with social interactions make us happier, reduce stress levels and increase self-esteem, thus making the life of people more 'zealous', thus we named our fitness and wellness platform 'Zealofy- Live Every Moment'.


But living a full, productive life depends on more than just what you think of as “physical” health. Mental health matters just as much - the third pillar of Zealofy. Unfortunately, mental illness still comes with stigma in our society. So, Zealofy runs the project called the 'The Pink Project' which is completely dedicated to creating awareness about Mental Fitness.


There are 4 mantra's we follow in the Zealofy family: 

  1. Recover 

  2. Evolve    

  3. Continue

  4. Repeat   


Zealofy boasts of a highly experienced team with expertise in delivering results. The team comes with a rich experience in handling various aspects of an event, from branding, marketing, promoting to strategizing and executing, ideal sponsorship opportunities are tapped, based on the goals of the event.


If you want to learn more about the benefits of sponsoring one of our events, get in touch today.



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Mud Crawl


Recover from what you were yesterday. Recovery is a process and everyone needs a chance.


Evolve into a better version of yourself every day - physically, mentally and emotionally.


Continue to follow the lifestyle you have chosen now. Change comes with time Be persistent.


Whenever you feel lost, press REPEAT.

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